7 scientific facts about how much sex a person should have and how it is useful.

7 scientific facts about how much sex(or pussy porn) a person should have and how it is useful.

Sex has a good effect on relationships, on your physical and spiritual health, and indeed it’s hard to find a reason not to deal with it when such an opportunity arises.

“There are two tendencies in the change of sexual behavior in a crisis: on the one hand, people have less energy for any activity – there is apathy, anxiety, chronic fatigue that can turn into depression, and on the other, in difficult economic times, sex is one of the few conditionally affordable entertainment, – says psychologist-consultant and clinical psychologist . – Both of them have disadvantages.

Inattention to the intimate side of our lives can lead to other problems: neglect of our body and its needs, cooling off to a partner or looking for a new one, and attitude to sex as an anti-stress practice and even as a product reduces the significance of intimacy as such.

And in this sense, it is necessary to remind such seemingly obvious things: a healthy and, importantly, careful attitude to sex gives us new energy. In particular, to cope with crises, both personal and social. “

“Because of constant stress, many refuse sex or start less often than usual,” adds psychologist. “In fact, this is a big mistake. After all, sex is a good way to survive the crisis with the least loss.

In addition to being an excellent discharge, it is communication, physical and emotional closeness with a partner, which means a way to get rid of loneliness.

In addition, sex is a time for oneself. You can forget about all the problems and focus on your feelings and sensations. You can take a break and just enjoy life without thinking about anything else. It acts like a kind of reboot. “

It is unlikely that you still need scientific evidence that sex is one good, but if you still need it for some reason (maybe you are still trying to convince someone who has almost given up under the influence of the exchange rate), here they are. Particularly interesting were the data on how often it should be given time.A very large-scale study (approximately 40 thousand pairs), published just the other day (conducted by Princeton scientists using the special Happyfy application – people carry out the tasks of scientists and then report on the results), claims that a couple who is in a long relationship does not you need to have sex more than once a week.

After analyzing the results of the study, scientists said that sex more than once a week does not lead to the strengthening of relations, but even vice versa. The quality of sex or pussy porn on the quantity does not improve and even stagnates.

Too frequent sex turns the process into a routine, and the average couple cannot achieve the necessary emotional intimacy during sex if it happens too often.

So all your fears that “over time the passion has passed” are completely groundless.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time and become less likely to have sex – this is not only normal, but also good. Hold on longer.Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania studied their own students and found out: those who have sex at least once or twice a week, on average, get sick twice less than those who do not have sex so regularly.

It turns out that having sex (it is important to note that it is regular, not one-time) contribute to the development of antibodies in the body that increase immunity.Doctors who study sex at the Chicago Medical University (Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago) found that sex was like push-ups. The more often you do it, the better it turns out. In terms of improving your physical performance. This is especially evident in the increase in libido, but there are simpler indicators: body temperature (more precisely, body), a decrease in the number of injuries, etc.

And by the way, the same scientists found that this sex is not like riding a bicycle at all – if you do not do it for a long time, then your skills are lost and your physical indicators drop.

In general, push up regularly. Specifically, these doctors advise at least three times a week.We have heard that sex lowers blood pressure many times, but Dr. Joseph Pinzone went a little further in his research and proved that not only sex itself, but even thoughts about upcoming sex lead to a decrease in pressure and improving the average human vitality.

Dr. Pinson advises you to do it every day. Well, or at least think about it every day.The same doctor, who, apparently, is not interested in anything else, collected all the myths about how much sex burns calories, and threw it out, recounting everything again and in the porn.

So, the latest scientific studies tell us that sex burns only 5 calories per minute (including the minutes that go into preliminary hugs).

If it seems to you that this is very small, keep in mind: when you just sit and watch TV (TV shows over the Internet

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