How pornography affects adults. Part 2 (F3-F4)

Phase 3: Loss of Sensitivity

At this stage, a decrease in sensitivity occurs. Materials (in books, magazines, films) that once caused shock were perceived as immoral, tabooed, disgusted, and over time seem acceptable and banal. Sexual actions (it doesn’t matter if it is a perversion or something antisocial) are beginning to be perceived as legitimate and legitimate. There is a feeling that “everyone does this”, which means that it is possible for me, despite the fact that not so long ago such actions were contrary to moral principles, and it was obvious that such actions were illegal.

Phase 4: Sexuality in Action

At this stage, there is a tendency to put into practice what was shown in the pussy porn plot. Among the manifestations are an obsessive desire for erratic sexual relations, exhibitionism, group sex, voyeurism, frequent trips to massage parlors, sex with minors, rape, pain for oneself or a partner during sex. Such behavior gradually develops into sexual dependence, which can neither be reduced nor coped with, despite all the negative consequences that appear in life.

The private and clinical practice of psychotherapists, doctors, counselors and lawyers provides many examples of the negative effects of viewing pornography. This is the real experience of real people who go through big problems or pain. I will give one example from my practice.

I was asked to act as a consultant in Phoenix, where a man, a professional in his field, the president of his own company, the head of the committee for helping children in need, turned out to be a serial criminal, threatened with a knife or a gun, who raped women in the vicinity of Arizona. Studying his case, I found out that he had an exemplary life, a carefree childhood. He studied well at school and university. His wife, children, business and church colleagues had no idea about his double life and the dark side of his nature. The only dark spot in his life was a youthful addiction to pornography, which, for the most part, was kept secret. Gradually, over the years, it intensified, and he began to spend a lot of time and money in adult stores watching hard porn movies and masturbating.

The first rape was prompted by the fact that he saw a woman very similar to the main character of a porn film, which he had watched several hours earlier. Reality and fiction mixed in his head, and pathological sexual fantasies realized in crime.

My clinical experience suggests that the most important consequence of porn addiction is not the likelihood or possibility of committing a serious sexual offense (although this can and does happen), but the damage done to fragile family and marriage bonds. This is where severe pain and grief opens. Often we are talking about the violation or even destruction of many years of love and sexual relations between partners. If you wonder if watching porn can lead to sexual offenses, the answer will be unambiguously positive, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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