How to answer porn questions to your friend’s girlfriend.

Acquaintance with a friend’s new girlfriend can end not only with the state of the Cold War with her, but also with strained relations with a friend.

I’m probably not the first with whom he introduces his friends?

“Your loud laughter and the story that Serega introduces you to his new one every weekend and swears that she is definitely the same one is out of place here,” comments Alex, a psychoanalyst, member of the Gipnart Association of Practical Psychologists.
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The girl, perhaps, is not trying to find out how many “former” were before her. And maybe that’s what it does. Therefore, to lie (“not a single”), and to say for sure (“thirty seven”) will be unforgivable. In this case, there is nothing better than the cautious truth: “Actually, yes, I somehow introduced you, but you never were as sweet as you.”

Sergey said that they were going to increase him in the service. You do not work together?

Indifferently moving a finger along the edge of the glass, the lady is trying to find out your social situation between times. Both him and yours – just to compare. You don’t want to face the dirt, but you don’t have to drop your friend’s dignity, saying that he just borrowed money from you. “Keep your distance,” says Demon.

For example, like this: “Alex usually does not tell me such things in advance, is afraid to jinx it. You know, he believes in all these silly signs. Once a one-eyed squirrel crossed our way, so he … “

Have you noticed, he always drinks so much? This is harmful!

“Who, if not a bosom friend, can learn about the minor flaws of his fan?” – the expert shrugs.

Act decisively: answer that men often worry in the company of unfamiliar girls and do not mind liberating themselves by drinking a couple of piles. To then find out from them about wet pussy porn videos.

The main thing to remember is that you can’t worry and you can watch porn with wet pussies together

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