The Effect of Non-Aggressive Pornography

Researchers continue to look for the answer to the question of what causes greater harm in the symbiosis of aggression and pornography – violence or sex. Is it possible to say: “Just remove violence from sex, and sex itself is normal”?

Most therapists and ordinary people will not agree to consider the following examples healthy models of sexual behavior. But it’s precisely they who are often demonstrated in “non-aggressive” porn:

· Child pornography and “child pseudo-porn

· Incest (mother seduces son, daughter seduces father, etc.)

· Sex with animals

Group sex

· Sex, in which a woman is humiliated and defamed, her sexual role in sexual relations (without obvious violence)

Obscene films misrepresenting sexual behavior

All of the above examples, although they do not contain elements of cruelty, can have a negative impact on the viewer, showing an example of unhealthy sexual behavior or giving false information about sexual relationships. Non-aggressive pussy porn can also cause a variety of sexual abnormalities.

Empirically, it was proved that a 6-week multiple viewing of candid, but not aggressive pornography involving adults leads to the following consequences:

· Callousness, cruelty towards women develops; rape ceases to be perceived as a serious crime, sometimes it completely ceases to seem a crime;

· A distorted perception of sexuality develops;

· The addiction to perverted, unusual or cruel genres of pornography (escalation of need) is exacerbated; regular sex no longer “works.”

· The importance of monogamy is being devalued, uncertainty about the strength of the institution of marriage is growing;

· Polygamous relationships begin to be perceived as normal and natural.

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